How to get rid of deep calluses on feet that hurt?

Treating deep calluses on the feet or removing a corn with a core is a complex treatment and involves risks.

In most cases, removing deep foot calluses or corns with a core involves the use of specialized instruments, such as a scalpel or drills. The use of these instruments requires knowledge, skills and precision to avoid damage to healthy skin and consequent infection.​ 

How do you get rid of deep calluses on your feet? ​

The following sequence of procedures is typically used to treat deep calluses:​

calos profundos nos pés

1. Washing the region

  • Washing the affected area is a way to remove most microorganisms from the skin.

2. Disinfection of the region 

  • Disinfection of the region (as there is an increased risk of skin damage, it is essential to thoroughly wash and disinfect the entire region surrounding the callus with a solution based on iodine or chlorhexidine, in order to minimize the risk of infection).​

3. Cutting or filing

  • Cutting or filing In situations with deep calluses, it is always necessary to use a scalpel, a gouge to carefully cut the callus and/or file it.

4. Later disinfection 

  • After the previous step, if there is a skin lesion, the skin must be disinfected again with an iodine or chlorhexidine-based solution. 

5. Apply a dressing (if there is skin damage) or moisturizer..

We highlight that this treatment is practically painless and has almost immediate effects on pain relief. 

In this type of treatments, the subsequent use of topical medications may also be recommended, to help remove the hard, dead skin that was unable to be removed. 

How to remove callus core?

To remove a core callus the sequence of treatment procedures will be identical to the previous ones for deep calluses. In the image you can see a callus with an extracted nucleus. 

calo com núcleo

See the images and our article "How to remove callus core?​ ".

See also other forms of corn and callus prevention treatment in our article  "How to treat calluses and corns?"

Why turn to a qualified professional to treat deep calluses?

It is important to remember that removing deep calluses or calluses with a core is not a simple procedure, it involves cutting and deep filing of the skin, which can cause damage. As is the case in the next image, where there was a small injury when removing the deep callus or callus with a core. In this situation, at the end of the treatment, it was necessary to disinfect again and apply a dressing.

Therefore, the treatment of core or deep calluses must be carried out in a safe and sterile environment, to minimize the risk of infection, especially if you already have associated pathologies such as diabetes or circulatory failure in the feet.

Due to the complexity and risks involved in treating this type of callus, we strongly advise that the removal of deep calluses on the feet is only carried out by a qualified professional. Trying to remove these calluses at home can lead to serious complications, including skin infections, bone infections, and permanent skin damage.

Therefore, if you have deep calluses on your feet or calluses with a core, we recommend that you schedule a consultation with a qualified professional, who will be able to assess your specific case and recommend the most appropriate and safe treatment.  

 If you are in this situation, our  calista services have qualified professionals who can be a useful option to quickly, economically, effectively and painlessly eliminate deep calluses on the feet.

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